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Executive Coaching

Michele’s signature approach and style helps you think and talk about yourself, without judgment. Her goal is to help clients figure out a way to become an even better leader than they already are. She is excellent at what she does. Her hundreds of recommendations on LinkedIn attest to her exceptional talents.

Michele works one on one with executives who want an outside perspective for leading on the inside of their organization. She is a confidant and an advisor. Her work is built on a foundation of unwavering trust with her clients. She uses information in a completely confidential and exceptionally insightful way, and offers sound judgment based on her own professional and life experiences in tragedy and triumph. Michele gives realistic advice on delicate interpersonal, political or otherwise complex issues. Leaders are comfortable with her and confident in her approach and capabilities.

Her coaching process begins with an intensive examination of your current leadership issues by conducting an instrumented 360° assessment. Results are then reviewed and discussed in depth within the context of your current professional challenges and coaching objectives. She will empathize with you and challenge your thinking. She will provide options and guide you in a path forward.

Coaching Contracts

Preliminary Complimentary Exploratory Meeting 

  • Get acquainted and collect information about your situation.
  • Articulate coaching objective and/or problem statement.
  • Execute coaching contract.

 One-on-one Confidential Coaching Sessions 

  1. Discuss your situation and objectives.
  2. Assess your Emotional Intelligence through a 360° appraisal.
  3. Report and discuss confidential results of your EQ-360° assessment.
  4. Focus on challenges and concerns.
  5. Develop solutions and recommendations. “Live” in-person conversations
    are preferred although virtual meetings are possible.
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